What We Can Offer You

Eagle Distribution Systems Ltd joins up the key players in the travel industry so that they can connect to their customers and sell to new ones, wherever they are in the world. We also help our customers to serve their customers and manage their own critical IT.
Our innovation and technology helps to make the traveler’s ‘real world’ journey experience much better.

Eagle System support your business growth by focusing on what matters to you most. We’re passionate and experienced travel professionals, based and operating in Africa for the globe. All of our ideas, solutions and attitude stem from that passion for travel. Our unrivalled knowledge of the airline and travel industry coupled with the industry’s most complete data and integrated technology which serves all types of airlines, allows us to work better together to constantly evolve with the industry and our airline partners to advance air travel. Eagle System connect all the components that enable you to optimize your revenue and ensure there is seamless communication between each of these, whatever the product or channel. Forecasting demand and optimizing revenues has become increasingly challenging for airlines.  Your customers have become more empowered, their shopping behavior has changed, and a competitive market place is driving down prices. It’s time to rethink revenue optimization and look to more sophisticated systems which are ‘customer’ rather than ‘seat’ centric. On a daily basis, there are minute-by-minute, crucial decisions you have to take. What to sell, when to sell, who to sell to, and crucially, at what price? It’s all about delivering products and services that your customers value, and are prepared to pay for. Eagle system provides solutions which empower you to do just that seamlessly. We have a talented, experienced and skilled teams working round-the-clock to develop a unique set of tools that collect and package Big Data. This comes from customer purchasing behavior, competitor pricing and contextual data. It is uniquely developed and connected to all the components that enable you to optimize your revenue – Revenue Management, Inventory & Availability, Dynamic Pricing, and Network Planning & Scheduling – and ensure there is seamless communication between each of these. However, it is not just about technology. At Eagle we also provide business consulting, making sure you have full support to leverage the competitive features our solutions can deliver. Our team is made up of true experts and specialists in airline industry revenue management. And our aim is simple: to work with our airline customers to achieve the highest possible revenues from each customer journey.
With our hotels solution, travel agents will book hotel properties easily with our wide range of quality content, coming from top hotel chains, regional and global aggregators and independent properties. Our solutions are targeted toward different points of sale, so travel agent can pick the one that works best for his/her business and customers.
Customer expectation is at an all-time high and delivering an exceptional level of experience is a must for every ferry/cruise service provider. Eagle Booking System can support your business with the right technology to create exciting travel packages, automate time-consuming processes and sell through more channels and devices. Cruise and ferry bookings through travel agents are on the rise. If your sights are set on growth and expansion through the agency channel, Eagle has the right ferry/cruise distribution solutions to help you achieve your targets. With our solutions you can:
  • Go global: With few clicks, Eagle Booking System can link your service to our vast network of travel sellers in several countries.
  • Grow your reach: Make your content available through third party applications via Eagle web services and grow bookings through even more channels and platforms.
  • Increase efficiencies: Give travel agents real-time access to your inventory and to all the post-booking functionality they need to sell and service their customers more efficiently.
  • Grow profits: Agents are automatically prompted with offers for cabin upgrades and other ancillary services. They can make multi-cabin bookings, formalize dining reservations and more. This translates into higher-yield sales for your business and more satisfied customers.
If you’re looking to grow and tap new markets, Eagles’ global distribution is the fastest way to increase your reach and maximize sales opportunities in the African market.