Why Do I Need To Use Eagle Systems?

At Eagle Distribution Systems Ltd we are committed to working together with our customers to define the future of travel. We believe in building and maintaining long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, focusing on our customers’ evolving business needs – and our data center in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, is a fine example of that.

Our Data Center is one of the biggest data processing center dedicated to the travel industry in Tanzania. It houses a future-oriented scalable technology based mainly on open systems and a service-oriented architecture.

We anticipate that in 2021, we will have more than 8 million travel bookings and over 5 million passengers boarded processed in our Data Centre. This will only represent a mere 9% of the available domestic and intra-Africa business opportunity in the African region as per published AFRAA statistics.

Eagle Booking System world-class technological excellence has its roots in our R&D Centre. This is where tomorrow’s solutions for the travel and tourism industry are being created. We are committed to continuously investing in R&D and providing the expertise and added value that our customers’ businesses need – both now and in the years to come.

Indeed, Eagle Booking Systems’ R&D investment enables us to offer some of the most advanced, integrated and powerful business tools available in the market.

Eagle Booking Systems’ R&D talents and skills conceive, design, develop and maintain some of the world’s most complex, widely available, real time information systems accessed by hundreds of thousands of travel professionals and end-users.

We’ve moved a long way since we started in 2012 and we’ve not finished yet. We’ll keep listening, innovating, developing and delivering as we achieve the travel public ambitions.