Our New Eagle Booking System

Dear Travel Trade,

There could not have been a better occasion. As part of the celebrations, we are thrilled to announce today History meeting the Future. Being part of the travel ecosystem in Africa, we are fascinated with the future of travel.

Our new tool to steer up the travel technology to reveal our vision of a new era – Eagle Booking System – to formulate our very own idea, travel content distribution platform with reliable and secure payment solution is back in the travel market in Tanzania on Monday 26th August 2019.

Eagle Booking System a web-based powerful and innovative platform, offers your travel office with detailed insights on travel contents, such as fares, schedules, rooms, ferries etc; bundled with secure payment solutions and management reports. The platform provides an exceptional user experience with very little time of training is required. The platform is accessed at www.eaglebooking.co.tz

With Eagle Booking System, travel agents maximize engagements while serving their clients swiftly and at the right moments. It takes 3 to 5min time to search, book and issue flight ticket as compared to traditional reservation tools available today in the market which takes longer time.

Eagle Distribution Systems Ltd, the owners and promoters of Eagle Booking System platform is geared for growth to span in the African continent with activation of many more airlines, hotels, ferries, rails etc. We have plans from Q1, 2020 to open up in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Today we have 13 airlines activated in Eagle Booking System that provide your travel company an opportunity to search, book and pay for air tickets and you can interline any of these airlines and issue one document with one booking reference number (PNR).

If your travel company is not activated in our Eagle Booking System or one of your travel consultants does not have user ID created, please do not hesitate to contact our IT & Sales Support Executive John Kilasa at +255 785 088 098 or jkilasa@eaglesystems.co.tz for him to arrange activation process.

We are working tirelessly to make the platform more user friendly and convenient, thus we will keep constant communications with you to update on any new features added or improved as well for any new airline activated.

Looking forward to your usual business support.


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